Craniosacral Therapy – Meditation – Breath

Achieving profound relaxation, acceptance and Self-awareness to assist with your personal healing and evolution.

Welcome to The Art of Undoing.

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     At the Art of Undoing we create a relaxing, nurturing environment where you can withdraw your awareness from the things that trouble you. We help you find a deep sense of inner peace so you can use that experience as you choose. For insight and contemplation about your life and the future. To release things from the past that are holding you back. To assimilate fragmented aspects of your psyche that leave you at war within yourself. You may simply choose to float in the present moment free from anxiety, stress and worry. We’re here to help you with what you need most.

     Self care isn’t just about finding relief from stress and anxiety or resolving trauma because we also need to show ourselves some love, tenderness and joy.  We need to reignite the experience of being divine sparks of the infinite fire of creation.

     We practice Craniosacral Therapy, as learned with the Upledger Institute. It has been found in our experience to be the most effective tool available for calming the central nervous system. It helps to resolve trauma memory stuck in the body’s tissues that is the cause of most of our problems. Instruction in meditation is available through weekly classes to provide clients with the tools to take control of their own state of mind. Deep tissue massage and breath work are also used when needed. We are LGBTQ friendly.

“We assist in the process of neutralising the unwanted impressions that tie us to fear-based thinking and behaviour, replacing them with a sense of inner peace, clarity and acceptance.”

Unravelling the knots that keep us tied to the past

A joyful memory of a day at the beach that makes you smile every time you see the sea. A traffic accident that makes you tense up in fear every time a car passes close by. We absorb these experiences into our being and they become a part of our character, our programming. They determine how we behave in every day life, whether we know it or not.

It is not possible just to let the past go and move on when trauma has left it’s mark. We need to replace the old programming with something new, just like a VHS video tape. Replacing the old experience with a new one limits us to the confines of that new story, even though it may feel better.

At The Art of Undoing we believe that it is better to neutralise the old songs that keep playing in our mind with a sense of quiet presence rather than creating new programming. This place is pure potential and from here we can be whatever we choose in the moment.

Ultimately we assist you in navigating the subconscious to identify the hidden issues that create disharmony in the waking mind. By holding a safe and supportive space in which you do the real work we assist in your own self-empowerment. We help you take control of your own healing and guide your own evolution. All we do is provide the crucible for your transformation. Instead of being triggered and reacting from past trauma you’ll be able to respond effectively to the present moment.

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The more of these parts we bring back to the present moment the more energy and awareness we have to utilise in the here and now. The experience of life deepens and widens to a greater harmony with our surroundings when the entirety of our being can turn up and take part.

Member of American Massage Therapy Association