New Space Offer – Free bottle of Hemp Extract with first session.

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When you attend your first 90 minute session of Craniosacral Therapy at The Art Of Undoing you will receive one free bottle of 500mg SatyaCBD full spectrum hemp extract. SatyaCBD strives to make their products the best they possibly can. Their unique blend of natural carrier oils and cavitation based homogenization process means a far more [...]

New Year, New Beginnings!

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The Art of Undoing has changed location. Due to the sale of our old office I was forced to seek a new home and for now will be partnering with Haw Creek Commons in the Bethesda UMC church in East Asheville. 315 Old Haw Creek Rd, Asheville, NC, 28805. There are numerous community based projects [...]

Meditation Group Reading from Roy Eugene Davis – May 16th 2019

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Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, Chapter 1, Verse 38 Even the Effort to Concentrate Is Evidence of a Sense of Illusion.        "While it is true that eventually the practice of meditation itself will fall away when the perfect state of consciousness is experienced, we must not fall into the common error of thinking [...]

11 Tips For Effective and Efficient Meditation Practice

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Meditation is an ancient art that we have all heard about. It's benefits are profound and far reaching and we all know we should be meditating regularly. Many of us find it difficult and so we make excuses and avoid it. This guide will help you to keep your mediation practice simple and effective. 1 [...]

Meditation Classes at the Art of Undoing

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The Art of Undoing will now be offering meditation classes on a weekly basis. We have a cosy and comfortable space at our new premises which can hold around 10 people seated. Classes will begin with simple instruction and techniques will be taught at intervals during the session. The last half will be silent meditation for [...]

The Importance of Recognising Reaction Versus Response

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Although the two words sound similar their implications are very different. Think of an allergic reaction. It's not something we have a choice in. Our immune system is triggered by an outside influence and it goes into an automated process to protect us from the threat. In the same way when we react to something [...]

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