Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system is the backbone of our immune system and as such it’s correct functioning is crucial to our wellbeing. The lymph nodes break down and help to recycle toxins and waste matter as well as producing the white blood cells necessary for fighting infection at all levels. If our lymphatic system is clogged up or over loaded then so is the rest of us.

Lymphatic drainage is a very delicate technique of manually pumping the lymph nodes to clear out the toxins and excess fluid from the body. Since the lymphatic system has no pumping action of it’s own it relies upon movement of the body and muscles to compress and squeeze the nodes in the course of daily life.

For many with a sedentary lifestyle this does not happen as frequently or fully as needed and a build up of toxins can occur leading us to feel heavy, sluggish, under the weather for no reason, etc. Once these 400-700 lymph nodes are flushed and able to work optimally again our immunity takes a boost, excess swelling and heaviness can be reduced and we feel better overall.

The touch is very light and involves only the surface layer as this is where the lymph nodes are are located. The client will need to be undressed and well draped but no oil is used. The work is very relaxing but also specific to symptoms. Typically people get recommended to come for Lymphatic Drainage therapy, it is not the sort of bodywork that people choose for enjoyment. A good deep tissue or Swedish massage is far better for that, however anything is possible and we are open to seeing what results you want to try and achieve with manual lymphatic drainage.